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Five times a day John Pulasky, Montana's most trusted weathercaster, broadcasts the weather and also insights about the latest conditions across Montana. You can advertise inside the weather broadcast on 21 Montana radio stations in Forsyth, Miles City, Glendive, Sidney, Bowman, ND, Plentywood, Scobey, Wolf Point, Glasgow, Lewistown, Roundup, Columbus, Dillion and all points in between. John starts the day with an early morning report that includes a recap of the previous day and then leads into a look at how current conditions will evolve during the morning. John then returns with a mid morning update that includes the current status of conditions across the region.

At noon, John again recaps any weather highlights from the last 24 hours and lets listeners know what it looks like for the upcoming afternoon. All of John's reports are sprinkled with weather tidbits and historical perspectives and highlights to give meaning to the current days weather. Information and education are the prime directives of John's programs. John shares forecasting in an easy to understand style that allows the listener to learn a little about the weather each time they tune in.